Mayo Landicho

“A modern and traditional tattoo artist”

Mayo Landicho stands among his peers as a world-class tattoo artist. With more than a decade of experience, Mayo’s original designs and beautifully rendered interpretations have graced the bodies of artists, celebrities, sports figures, teachers and other celebrated tattoo artists locally and throughout the world. His reputation as a fine artist has grown to include membership in the elite and internationally renowned Dimasalang III group while his charisma as a performer has garnered praise as an upcoming musician.
Situated in a private fully licensed studio on Main street, Birthmark Tattoos is what most people refer to as: “Vancouver’s BEST Kept Secret” and is the final destination for some of Vancouver’s top name clients. It is a place where stories unfold and become an inspiration for new art, new tattoos, new memories.

Traditional Hand-tapping Technique


A Glimpse of one of Landicho’s Passions “Mayo Landicho has the heart and soul of a warrior.” This statement, however, bold was validated in 2013 by the last Kalinga Tattoo artist in the world 94-year-old traditional tattoo-tapping ‘batok elder’ Whang-Od.Once a thriving warrior society, the Kalinga village of Buscalan now sits peacefully upon the Cordillera Mountains of northern Luzon, Philippines; a living testimonial to the ways of days gone by. It is this mystical place without any sense of time that first beckoned to Landicho almost two decades earlier in a vision that he would behold nearly twenty years later. Captivated by the enchantment of ancestral and age-old tribal art, Landicho set upon a journey in 2013 back to his homeland and into the dangerous and remote mountains of Luzon in search of Whang-Od. His goal was to learn the ancient skill of tattoo-tapping and to bring back this skill to Vancouver.

Mayo Visits Kalinga, Philippines & Whang-Od

Landicho who is presently a celebrated tattoo artist in the ways of traditional tribal tattooing is currently sought around the world for his knowledge of artistry and technique. Inspired both by his visit to the Whang-Od and his fascination with modern design, his studio has finally become the vision that he carried and nurtured for over twenty years.

Licensing and Certificate


Fully Licensed and Health Certified Tattoo Artist in Vancouver, Canada

Also licensed and health certified at the states of
Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Illinois and New York 
in the United States of America.


Awards & Accolades

Landicho’s talents and achievements reached a pinnacle as he won TOP awards at the Westcoast Tattoo Show 2012, Westrock Tattoo Convention 2013, Urban Tattoo Convention 2015, Brooklyn New York, Van Isle Tattoo Expo, Victoria, BC, Canada 2017 – where he won three major awards in three different categories.

Landicho competed at the Vancouver Tattoo Culture Show 2019 and won an award for “BEST DOT WORK”.

He also attended the “360 Ink Fest” held in Portland, Oregon where he won awards for four different categories.

In addition, Landicho was one of the featured artists in Vancouver Sun during the West Coast Tattoo And Culture Show 2010, X-Files, Artista, Living Today magazines Westcoast Ink Magazine, 24/7 Newspaper, North Shore News, Fight Club News, Royal City Record – New Westminister, MetroVan Independent News, Centerpiece/The Voice Newspaper, Tribune Post, The Herald News and ET Online Manila. Some pictures of Landicho’s work were featured at Tattoo Magazine – World’s Largest-Selling Tattoo Magazine, Tatouage Magazine – a French tattoo magazine, Inked Magazine and Rebel Ink Magazine.

Landicho received awards through his volunteer works in recognition for his outstanding community service for immigrant youth; presented by Bayanihan Multicultural Youth Award, through Multicultural Helping House Society in Vancouver, BC. In 2017, he also was given a certificate of recognition from Kathara Pilipino Indigenous Arts Collective Society for his outstanding work in preserving the Indigenous Arts tattoo and music. Additionally, the MLA of Vancouver, Mable Elmore awarded Landicho for his service and dedication to the community fundraising event. By Kahon Multimedia he as given a certificate of recognition. Landicho’s tattoo shop in Vancouver, BC was ranked the “Top Tattoos Shop in Vancouver” given by Yocale, a local business association and was given the “Community Choice Award” winner of 2017.


Certificate of Recognition Awards from the Philippines were also given to Landicho from the Republic of the Philippines Office of the Mayor, Amben Amante and Vice-Mayor, Angie Yang in San Pablo City, “for bringing pride and honor to our city through his exemplary achievements in the field of tattoo, art and music.” Another award was given to Landicho from the Congresswoman Sol  Aragones for his “contribution to the attainment of the spirit of the arts and tattoo.” Dr. Rosauro Sta. Maria, department head of Laguna Tourism, Culture Arts and Trades recognized Landicho’s work for his achievements in Canada. Lastly, the Governor Hon. Ramil L. Hernandez, awarded Landicho for the “Best International Tattoo Artist in Canada & USA”, Best Lagunense, for perserving and promotion the Filipino tattoo arts and culture worldwide.

Landicho was also a featured artist at RED FM – 93.1 in Surrey, BC, Canada and CFRO-FM 100.5 in Vancouver, BC, DCG-FM 107.1 in San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines.


Landicho presented many lectures about his knowledge of the Indigenous culture and in traditional hand-tapping tattoo methods including, seminars at the University of British Columbia and at the Fox Theater in Vancouver during the Nerd Night event. Landicho also gave a special lecture at Kwayetsut –  the Marking of your Inner Power at the Native Education College and at the Melville Centre for Dialogue at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Richmond, BC. Lastly, Landicho shared his knowledge on Baybayin/Alibata at Kapwa Annual Gathering 2017 at One Thousand Rivers Performance Studio.

TV Appearances

He has also been featured and interviewed by CHEK News located in Victoria, BC, News 12 Brooklyn, New York, CBC TV Vancouver, Tahiti Nui Television, Balitang CanadaBalitang America, and Solar News.

Awards Given at Conventions & Competitions

Mayo Landicho is highly regarded as one of the top Phil-Canadian artists in Vancouver. Landicho participated in the Urban Tattoo Convention at New York on June 26-28, 2015. Landicho earned a 1st and 2nd Place award for the “BEST TRIBAL” tattoos. Landicho received a special award from the Ink Travellers Tattoo Convention in Vancouver, Washington for performing the Traditional Hand Tapping & Hand Poking tattoo technique.

Art and Music

He also made appearances at art exhibits with the Dimasalang Artist Group at the Plaza of Nations, Queens Park, Londsdale Quay, Surrey Arts Gallery, Vancouver Public Library, and  Richmond, BC.

Landicho was also recognized by the World Poetry Society and Poetry Around the World. 

He was also a member of Alpine Club of Canada and BCMC – British Columbia Mountaineering Club.

Aside from tattooing, he also plays music and performs at festivals, community events, concert halls, pubs, and coffee shops.

Other Appearances 2015 – present: 

Polynesia Tatau Tattoo Convention

Calgary Tattoo & Arts Festival

Dutdutan 2013 in Manila, Philippines